Sincerely yours,
Andrey Korystov
Chief Concierge, Hotel Metropol Moscow; President of “Les Clefs d’Or”, Russia

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Russian hotel concierge association I am glad to welcome you on updated website of “The Golden Keys”, where we are glad to offer you to learn more about our association, its members, to see the articles about us in the different media and meet our partners and recommendations.

The regional social organization “The Golden Keys” represents the Russian Section of the International Union of Concierges “Les Clefs d’Or” – the only one professional community of hotel concierges, which includes about 4000 members from over than 80 countries in all parts of the world.

Russian section includes the concierges of the best hotels of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Sochi as well as our Ukrainian colleagues from Kiev and Azerbaijani colleagues from Baku.

Members of our association can be easily recognized by the crossed keys on the lapels of their uniform. Each concierge of “Les Clefs d’Or” represents a part of elite international brotherhood, approaches to constant self-development and setting of highest standards of service.

Serving to over 100 million guests all over the world, members of “Les Clefs d’Or” perform numerous requests – from routine to absolutely extraordinary. Our huge experience, our knowledge and connections make us the most reliable experts and worthy representatives our countries and cities.

Notwithstanding what hotel you are staying at your concierge is always at your service.

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